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Used Lamborghini in KentUsed Lamborghini in Kent

The poster that graces the wall of most youngster’s bedrooms in the 80s, the Lamborghini is the aspirational supercar. It’s what every young car enthusiast wants to drive, and many know that they will never own one. Possibly the most iconic of the range is the Lamborghini Countach, pretty much the most recognisable 1970s supercar, but their range now includes the Aventador, a V12 770HP monster, the Huracan, that looks fast even when still and sporting a naturally aspirated V10 engine and the Urus, the world’s first Super Sport Utility. This car can literally go anywhere, but with it’s V8 bi-turbo engine, it gets there quickly! Dream of owning a Lamorghini? Call 01622 360131, or come by our showroom Performance Paddock in Aylesford, Kent

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